Decorative Fence Panels

We also offer original elements made of steel in the process of computer laser processing. Modern, decorative fencing panels with patterns, made to order according to your indications, can be widely used, among others as filling gates, wickets, balustrades, and even modular walls or gabion systems. It is an extremely practical and original solution that will emphasize the nature of the facility, the surroundings of which will be used.

Custom-made decorative fencing panels are made of powder-coated steel, and thanks to the use of CNC processing, it is possible to precisely cut out a previously designed pattern. Smooth surface, deep color, and resistance to factors such as moisture, UV radiation or fluctuating temperatures are other advantages of the products presented in this category. Over time, they will not lose their decorative value, will not corrode, and unsightly discoloration will not appear on their surface.